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Please select a country to find valuable information regarding the following:

Shipping Rates and Fees
Clearance Procedures
Prohibited and Restricted Items



For rates, customs regulations and general information click here.

Customer Service Contact

T: (+ 297) 528-POST/7678
T: (+ 297) 528-7637
F: (+ 297) 5287603


Authorized Persons

You can authorize an aditional person to collect your package for you, to do so download this form. Complete the form and then present it to the local office with proper ID.


Each package that we receive is processed and charged for individually, based on how the package was received at our Miami warehouse. We do not consolidate as all packages are shipped to your country as soon as they are received.

Prohibited Products

  • ATM cards
  • Batteries (excepted Lithium batteries)
  • Cash money
  • Compressed gas (flammable and non-flammable): i.e. aerosol products, butane, etc.
  • Corrosives: i.e. corrosive cleaning liquid, and instruments containing mercury and battery fluid.
  • Explosives: i.e. Firearms, ammunition, and fireworks.
  • Flammable liquids: i.e. gasoline, cleaning compounds, and flammable paint.
  • Flammable solids: i.e. matches, and cellulose nitrate films.
  • Live animals and animal products.
  • Meet products.
  • Oxidizing materials: i.e. hair or textile dyes, and bleaching powders.
  • Poisons: i.e. drugs and medicines except samples of poisons, toxics, drugs and medicines in prescription quantities when packed and transmitted in the prescribed manner.
  • Prepared foodstuffs; beverages, vinegar; tobacco.
  • Radio-active material: i.e. medical or research samples which contain radioactive sources.
  • Vegetable products.

Important Information on Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are not allowed if they have sealed, compressed gas cylinders or hazardous materials or if it contains any residue or vapors of oil or fuel that would be considered a hazardous material and therefore are not permitted by air.

Sealed or compressed gas shocks can be sent via ocean cargo which may take longer to arrive.