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ePost Aruba will insure your packages up to US $300.00, with a cost of US $ 2.00 per package.

No liability whatsoever is assumed for delay in delivery or for incidental, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind, including loss of income and profits, loss of interest or loss of business opportunity, or any loss or damage arising from the inherent nature of the Item.

E-Post does not agree to carry and it is agreed that E-Post accepts no liability for items of unusual intrinsic value such as cash, negotiable securities, jewels, furs or alike.

Our method of operation includes inter alia carrying on board the aircraft, accompanied passenger baggage and unaccompanied air freight. The term ‘Courier Service’ does not necessarily imply that a man will be on board the aircraft.

E-Post will start charging a storage fee 2 weeks after the invoice was issued to the customer. These fees are as follow:

E-Post storage fees in Awg.
After 2 weeks 10.00
After 3 weeks 20.00
After 4 weeks 40.00

Note: If Customer fails to pay the balance in full within 60 days after said balance is established E-Post may, at its option, turn the said balance over for collection- extra judicial collection charges shall be for the Customer’s account - or sell said items for recovery of the outstanding balance, for which the Customer now already gives E-Post an irrevocable power of attorney.

Each package that we receive is processed and charged for individually, based on how the package was received at our Miami warehouse. We do not consolidate as all packages are shipped to your country as soon as they are received.

*Rates shall be determined by E-Post, and may be changed by it from time to time.

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E-mail: customerservice@postaruba.com (link sends e-mail)